I’ll Always Love My Mama!

Delores was my Mama. 10 years ago she completed her assignment here on Earth and is now in heaven probably still bossing people around and giving out assignments to people on her various committees. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has God on some committee. As I’ve grown up and come into my own as … Continue reading

Whitney Houston, Yes Jesus Loves You

I wasn’t going to say anything about Whitney Houston’s death because there simply wasn’t much I could say that hadn’t already been said or posted as a video. And unfortunately death has become so familiar to me over the last few years that it really doesn’t faze me anymore. I didn’t really care to watch … Continue reading


God has an awesome sense of humor. In late November I had pretty much planned most of my trips for 2012 , one being going to the Essence Music Festival in July. It’s on my bucket list and I’ve always wanted to go. December 1 started my savings fund for the Essence Festival, $100 thru … Continue reading

Day 2: Clean Your Room

Had I not been doing this challenge I probably wouldn’t have cleaned my room today. The history of cleaning my room. My parents never told or made me clean my room. EVER. Actually we never had any real chores, things just somehow got done. So I cleaned my room this weekend. Took all of 30 … Continue reading