Welcome to Red Velvet for the Soul, a place where you never know what you might get but please believe it is most likely something good for your soul. People say “laughter is good for the soul” so I hope to provide you with a little bit of laughter mixed with a few other things to make you try something new, read, listen or just ponder life. Just like a good red velvet recipe there will be a few ingredients that keep you guessing and others you will readily identify.

I’ve been told I’m funny, although usually unintentional, and that I probably should be blogging so Red Velvet for the Soul is here to make you laugh and bring to you the best experiences I’ve had. Might be a great book I read, a great song a heard, a place I’ve been or something I saw that made me laugh or think. So I’m here sharing those things with you and hope you enjoy the fun. Here’s to hoping everyone else enjoys the randomness of my life and I hope that what you read here is as delicious as the best red velvet cake you’ve ever eaten and feeds your soul.

Carpe Diem!


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