Be the Change


I’ve been silent throughout the Martin/Zimmerman case because quite frankly I don’t have anything significant to say about the case in itself nor do I have anything that differs from what has already been said and as far as I’m concerned what matters when it is all said and done is the fact that a life was ended as a result of a bad decision. I am not the ultimate judge so it is not my position to judge George Zimmerman beyond the verdict of the jury and I’ll leave that to the people who choose to have never-ending debates about what his fate should be or what he should have done different. I personally think his life is ruined anyway despite him escaping jail time and whether or not his actions on that date were intentional he has to live with the incidents of that day for the rest of his life.

I am a firm believer that our entire life was planned before we were even born and it is  orchestrated by a higher power, therefore, everything happens for a reason. In life there are many tests and I think a lot of people are failing this current test. Things are heated right now, emotions are high and people are turning on each other for simply voicing their opinion. Emotions have gone from hating/criticizing/picking apart both Zimmerman and Martin to turning against each other for voicing their opinion. The unfortunate thing is I don’t even think people recognize the latter has happened, the masses are divided on the same issues. What’s frightening is that the media in part, as it’s their job, is really driving this hysteria by digging up and providing a never-ending cycle of updates that people then go on to devour and use as ammunition against others. I tweeted a few days ago “at some point you need to unplug & disconnect & filter what enters your spirit” and I had to step away from social media because it was like watching a mob of adults arguing in a street fight. Reading all of that back and forth weighted on my spirit and I had to make myself step away from media and for a moment I wished Facebook and Twitter would just stop working completely.

In the midst of all this back and forth, I really think we are missing the opportunity to educate and teach the future generation what this trial meant and what they need to do to protect and prepare themselves should they find themselves in the same position of BOTH Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. I have seen some discussion of how to protect our young black males and having discussions on what to do should they find themselves in a similar situation, however, as I just stated I think BOTH sides of what happened need to be discussed. And I’ve heard the point that had the races been switched the verdict would have been different and all the “ifs” of what happened could go on forever, but it comes back to the point of teaching our children how to respond in these situations, whether they are the offended OR the offender. And ultimately how to treat others in any situation. And this goes for youth of ALL races. If we as adults are bickering and fighting what example does that show for children? Does it inspire them to stop the cycle or justify them being angry?
We can march, protest, boycott, make status updates and everything else but can it change the future in the same manner that having a discussion with the young people who shape our future would have or even exercising your right to vote? And by no means am I being critical of any of those efforts, I think people do what they feel is right in their hearts but my concern is what sparks change in the long run such as planting seeds in our future.

This past week there has been an absence of love & respect for one another. Sure someone will say, George Zimmerman or the jurors did not display love or respect to Trayvon, however, YOUR life is not about what anyone else does, it’s about what YOU do and how you respond to your environment. Or as I saw on @TheDailyLove, “We are not defined by the Trayvon Martin verdict, we are defined by how we respond to it.” If tonight was my last night alive and I had to meet God in the morning & had I said half of the things I’ve read over the last week I would fear having to stand in front of him and be held accountable for my actions.

So I encourage all to “be the change you wish to see in the world”, start loving one another again, start listening again, and plant a seed in the next generation to invoke change.



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