Courage, Fear, Struggle, Growth

I haven’t written or posted anything on my blog for about 7 months, with the exception of the previous post, now probably for a number of reasons. Why? Lazy, too busy,  nothing valuable to say, etc. For the most part I just haven’t felt like I had anything useful to say, because well…my goal in life is not to say or do anything unless it in some way benefits others.  Whether my words inspire, cause self-reflection or most often spark laughter; I need them to add to value to life.   Do my thoughts always reflect that? I don’t think they always do since most often they are simply random thoughts, however, I’ve been told otherwise.

A few weeks ago I viewed a talk by Afrobella that has inspired me to get back to blogging.  It’s given me the courage to write and not worry about what responses I may or may not get.  I’m just writing, putting it out in the universe and allowing it to reach whoever it needs to reach. I have to start somewhere and if I do nothing I get nothing in return other than wondering what might have been.  As I watched the talk given by Afrobella a number of things stood out for me but my ears perked up around 8:53 and I replayed the words below over and over to fully digest them.

“Courage comes from fear and struggle leads to growth.  Without those experiences I wouldn’t be able to identify with all of the women around the world who have been able to identify with me. I wouldn’t have recognized that we were looking for a wider reflection of ourselves. And I wouldn’t have trusted my gut instinct and that was the real thing.  Courage is looking inside yourself and recognizing I have things to say. I have a valid opinion and I can’t be the only one.”   
“Creating your own runway, creating your own platform.”

 “Live life with intent”  
The entire talk is very inspiring and I think anyone looking for the courage to overcome their fears, big or small,  should definitely watch Afrobella’s talk and be inspired.


So I must get back to the place of fearlessness I knew a few years ago.  This blog kind of holds me accountable, perhaps that’s another reason why I’ve been absent because not writing allows me to be unaccountable and live in my own little isolated world.  However, that’s not how God wants me to live nor can He use me in anyway if I continue to linger in my comfort zone. I’m going to attempt to #writelikecrazy and have at least 1 post a week and when I get writers block I’ll share the words of others that have inspired or spoken to my heart.

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